Fighting the fraudsters

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A Todmorden woman is aiming to change the perception of private investiagtors after setting up her own business.

After training and working for years in law enforcement and the legal professions, Sarah Barker has transferred her experience into her new company Thirteen Research and Investigation.

Sarah now wants to help businesses and companies across Calderdale in their fight against fraud by providing a range of investigation services.

She said: “To most people, the world of private investigation conjures up images of men hiding in bushes with binoculars.

“It has historically been the reserved profession of retired police officers and ex-military professionals who have decided upon a career change. However, I have a real passion for investigation and research, with lots of interesting case studies under my belt, both within the UK and overseas.

“I don’t subscribe to the murky image of private investigation and believe that investigators should be approachable, corporate and accountable.”

Her training courses have already attracted interest from national organisations and she is hoping to work with many different partners and organisations to tackle fraud.

The company provides training and workshops for other businesses as well as internal investigations, employment and reference screening and even help compiling witness statements as part of criminal and civil procedures.