Firm in crisis but Liquid and Maine Street will stay open

Liquid nightclub, Halifax
Liquid nightclub, Halifax

IT WILL be business as usual at two Halifax nightclubs this weekend – despite the firm that owns them going into administration.

Luminar Leisure, which owns Liquid and Maine Street in the town centre, was plunged into adminstration after failing to meet bank repayments.

But clubbers have been assured the hot spots, which attract hundreds of people every weekend, will remain open for “the foreseeable future”.

Luminar, which claims to be the UK’s largest night club owners, has 75 venues across the country, including the Oceana and Lava Ignite brands.

The company recorded losses of £198m in the year to the end of February as sales dropped by 19 per cent to £137m.

The decision to place the company into administration has put 3,000 jobs across the country at risk.

But Stephen Lynn, head of marketing at Luminar, said: “The clubs are going to be open this weekend and for the foreseeable future despite the company going into administration.

“We’re coming up to the best and busiest time of year and so they’re not going to be shutting, although we don’t know yet exactly what the future holds.”

The Milton Keynes based group recently put itself up for sale but only received offers for parts of the business.

Liquid, which was the Coliseum until 2007, is currently open until 2.30am on Friday, 3am on Saturday and 4am on Sunday mornings.

If the club were to close its doors, it would leave Chicago’s, The Tube and the Acapulco as the only night clubs in Halifax.

Facebook users have been having their say on the potential closure of the club.

One said: “I’m shocked they have gone into administration with the price they charge for entry and drinks.”

Another said: “Its over priced, over rated and bad music. Why would anyone want to drink in there?”

A third said: “Maybe it would be a good idea to drop the prices which would increase the amount of people that go in. Four quid for a bottle of VK? Not a chance.”

Others suggested the night life in Halifax was no longer a draw for people.

One person commented on facebook: “Everyone goes down Sowerby Bridge now, it’s supposed to be a top night” while another said, “Sowerby Bridge is top night, I have not been to Halifax for three years.”

Earlier this month a student died in a Luminar owned night club in Northampton.

Nabila Nanfuka of north-west London died following a stampede at Lava Ignite. She was 22.

A 19-year-old student remains in hospital in a critical condition follow the incident.