Firm rises from humble beginnings to work for national companies

Top team: Lindley Adams Chartered Accountants
Top team: Lindley Adams Chartered Accountants
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Our firm has grown for 41 years in an organic natural manner, not by acquisition or merger, serving the small and medium sized business sector of Calderdale and the North.

At its inception in 1970 computers were not available, other than to major organisations; women did not play a major role in the professions; taxation knowledge could be contained in a single reference book and bank managers audited charity accounts.

From humble beginnings working for individuals and small clients we have grown to working for large nationwide companies, quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

We provide strategic and hands on support for businesses, helping them develop to their full potential.

Our firm in Halifax operates very much as general practitioners but what differentiates us from many firms is our tax specialism.

Having three chartered tax advisers on board definitely gives us knowledge that many firms have to look elsewhere for, often sub-contracting work in the process.

We pride ourselves on being pro-active and have identified many opportunities for our clients to make significant tax savings.

It’s not only large clients who benefit from our tax knowledge, very recently several private individuals have also had large tax bills quashed as a result of claims for little known Revenue concessions to be applied.

As specialists in taxation our work involves a wide range of appeals, several resulting in case law decisions.

By offering tax planning in advance of events we are not simply “clear up merchants.”

Over the years we’ve developed close working relationships with various organisations that have enabled us to help our clients in other financial areas such as banking arrangements, borrowings, insurance and pension provision.

We don’t carry out insolvency work or sell insurance. This, therefore, leaves us able to single mindedly concentrate on business success.

We are known as fighters for justice and reasonable causes.

As general practitioners our services extend well beyond accountancy and tax matters.

We offer a friendly, helpful and efficient service that is only a phone call away. We are also keen to train our clients in areas such as bookkeeping, management accounting and payroll to help put them in a better position to manage themselves effectively.

Services we provide:- Accounts, audit, solicitors’ accounts rules, tax planning, business management, charity advice, management accounts, tax appeals, company secretarial services, company formations, business acquisitions and mergers, estate planning, payroll services, bookkeeping services, probate services.

Over the years our client base has come from a very wide range of businesses, including the common place and unusual such as, a hotel for budgerigars; a Lute maker; sports personalities; radio stations and boat yards.

The appointment from its ranks of its latest directors, Alyson D’Adamo, Tracy Kelliher and Julie-Ann Pearson reflects how far Lindley Adams Ltd has developed and changed to meet the needs of its clients in the time of its existence.

Alyson has a specialist qualification in charities and is a certified chartered accountant; Tracy specialises as a chartered accountant in solicitors work whilst Julie-Ann is both a chartered accountant and one of three chartered tax advisers in the company.

All three are multi-faceted general practitioners and are well known in Calderdale, where they are active in their local communities.

The future is bright for Lindley Adams Ltd as it continues on its path of natural growth.