Frank the farmer’s mad cow warning

Herd of Limousin beef cattle in pasture.
Herd of Limousin beef cattle in pasture.

A farmer is warning of the dangers of spooking cows at a time of year when they’re most vulnerable.

Frank Chislett has been speaking out in order to raise awareness to the public over the subject which often goes unmentioned.

The 63-year-old said: “Nothing’s been mentioned about the psychology of a cow. At this time of year we’ve got to remember how a cow is feeling.”

Frank, of Upperbrear Farm, Bradford Road, Halifax, said his cattle are often affected by passers by.

He said: “We’ve just got to be aware of taking more responsibility for our actions.”

“Young cattle are inquisitive by nature anyway. They’ll notice maybe a couple of walkers or joggers.

“I’ve got a footpath and I’ve got a calf shelter and a cow grazing. If you come between those two animals the cow may see that as a threat, particularly if you’ve got a dog and young people because cattle dislike young children running about when they’re in their field.

“They’ve just got to think in common sense.”