Gas firm issues timely warning

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With falling temperatures and wet weather signalling the run up to winter. Halifax-based heating and gas specialists Thompson’s Gas have issued warnings to homeowners about the risks of the impending freezing conditions.

November has already brought particularly cold weather to the UK, with some places seeing as low as -6°C at the start of the month.

Ice and snow have started to cause havoc on roads in Yorkshire and Public Health England have issued warnings about the freezing temperatures.

Last winter saw 34,000 “excess deaths” across England and Wales due to ice and cold temperatures, the second highest in eight years.

Established in 2007, Thompson’s Gas and Heating work with homeowners in Calderdale providing essential repairs and maintenance. After the Boxing Day floods of 2015, the team at Thompsons formed part of a government initiative working to improve homes most at risk to keep them safe from flood damage in the future.

Ben Thompson, Managing Director of Thompson’s, commented: “Last year was particularly busy for us as boilers failed and pipes froze across Calderdale.

“It’s important that homeowners are taking steps now to ensure their properties are ready for this unusually chilly weather we’re anticipating.”

He added: “If your appliances haven’t been serviced, or you are using an older heating or gas system, you are at particular risk of property damage, or not having heating for some time.

“One particular problem is external condensate pipes freezing which can result in boiler faults fairly easily.”

The Met Office recommends preparing for winter with their readiness checklist. This including getting a flu jab, buying a winter car kit, insulating your pipes and making commuter back-up plans.

Mr Thompson added: “When dealing with these harsh weather conditions, as well as preparing your own home it’s important to keep an eye on your neighbours and the elderly.

“Working as a community is often the best way to tackle a tough winter.”

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