Halifax firm discovers Caravan naming habits

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Four out of five caravan owners give their vehicles a special name according to a survey by a Halifax firm.

In a recent poll by caravan and motorhome insurance specialist Caravan Guard, 81 per cent revealed they had a special pet name for their tourer.

Girls’ names came out top in the naming poll but there are also caravans on the road who are named after lost loved ones, favourite places to visit or a fun name as described by their owner.

Children and grandchildren often get involved in the naming name with caravans called the “nanna-van”, “Connie” the Sterling Continental and “Pistachio” the Coachman Pastiche.

Names beginning with B seemed to be a favourite, with ‘Bertha – the 5-berther’; Betty; Bessie; Betty Boop, Bailey, Bella, Big Bertha and the Bean family’s “Beanpod” all on the list.

Other caravan names are just a bit of fun, like “Stalker” because “she follows us all the time”; and “Eva” as “that’s what we do” (heave-her). Then there’s the Abbey Spectrum named after the family cat and “Babby Abbey”, because the owners of this Abbey caravan come for the Black Country where a baby is called “babby”. Mr Gidney calls there’s “Carolvan” after the wife.

Plus there’s the T@B 400L teardop caravan named “Joy” by owner Julia. “She was given to me after I survived my brain operation,” she said.

Others choose to use their name to describe their tourer, like Doug and Sara who named their Compass Corona “The Burrow” and Mike Potter naming their Lunar “Augustina” because she was bought in August, and “she’s a dream to tow and brings sunshine into our lives every time we use her”.

Then there’s “The Magic Carpet – our transportation to freedom and joy!” and “Little Mo as she’s our little mobile getaway”.

Fun names include “Tiara” – it’s an Elddis Whirlwind which had TR on the side. Owner Jacqui didn’t know what it stood for so called her Tiara. David named their new caravan “Pheonix” as his last one set on fire.