Halifax man receives royal approval for stained glass project

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A Halifax stained glass artist had his work praised by the Queen and Prince Philip.

Michael Dickinson and his wife Susanne were commissioned by The Royal Albert Institute to create two windows for the Guildhall, Windsor, to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Michael and Susanne Dickinson

Michael and Susanne Dickinson

The Royal couple recently attended the dedication service.

“The Queen said they were very nice and let in the light,” said Mr Dickinson.

Prince Philip also admired the windows and was in fine form with his notorious wit when Mr Dickinson said the couple were proud of their work which would last hundreds of years.

He replied: “Unless the building gets bombed!”

The windows feature hand painted glass images of the four main Royal residences - Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham and Balmoral.

Also featured in the design is the Queen’s favourite piece of jewellery which she wore during the visit.

That is a purple brooch given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert on their wedding day in 1840.

Mr Dickinson was an apprentice at Odyssey Glass, Queen’s Road, Halifax, and then worked from a shop in Elland before moving to London.

It was there he met Sue, who also worked with stained glass, and they married in 1999 and set up their company Artemis Glass based at Staines, Middlesex.

The majority of their work is with decorative front doors but they have also worked for film sets, cruise liners, restaurants and churches.

Mrs Dickinson developed ideas for the Guildhall project and Mr Dickinson built the windows and the project took eight weeks to complete.

The couple hope the resulting publicity will help attract more high-quality projects.

His mum Gwen, brother Steven and sister Stephanie still live in Calderdale.

“I sill visit regularly and my mum especially is over the moon that we got to meet the Queen,” said Mr Dickinson.

“When I first started making stained glass over 20 years ago I never once imagined I’d be shaking the Queen’s hand.”