Handelsbanken retains top spot for customer satisfaction

Handelsbanken Halifax branch manager  Angela Dowd
Handelsbanken Halifax branch manager Angela Dowd

The Swedish Handelsbanken which has a branch at Clare Road, Halifax, has again been praised for its customer service.

For the fifth year running it was rated top for customer satisfaction in an independent survey of British banks’ personal and business customers.

The bank has also reported another year of strong UK expansion and increased support for businesses and households.

Since the financial crisis began five years ago Handelsbanken has opened more than 100 branches in the UK.

Its commitment to customer satisfaction allows local branches to make all decisions relating to their customers and agree individual product terms and pricing, free from targets, commissions or other bonus incentives.

Angela Dowd, manager of the Halifax branch which opened four years ago, said: “We are delighted that our customers continue to enjoy the traditional service that we offer with direct lines of communication.”

The bank’s recently published third quarter financial results showed household lending rose by 28% (to £3.3bn) in the last 12 months, whilst extending net lending to UK businesses – particularly SMEs – by a further 16%, to £8.5 billion in total.

The bank operates over 770 branches in 24 countries worldwide with the UK its fastest-growing market.