Herbal tea room looks to the past for inspiration

Gavin Roberts and Eduardo Shahsavar outside The Nut House in Halifax.
Gavin Roberts and Eduardo Shahsavar outside The Nut House in Halifax.

A new herbal tea room and organic bar in Halifax will create 20 new jobs and is set to be the first of its kind in the country.

The Nut House will open on April 15 and offer a range of natural, handmade coffees, teas and herbal remedies during the day before turning into a bar in the evenings featuring authentic liquors and drinks.

Owner Eduardo Shasavar, who is originally from Persia, said: “Halifax is a traditional town and it’s easier to get noticed as a new business in a smaller town than a Leeds or a Manchester.

“My great-grandmother had a room full of remedies and people would come to her saying they had this or that wrong with them.

“She would cure them with these hundreds of jars of herbs and remedies she had.

“People are increasingly looking back to traditional remedies as a way of becoming more healthy.

“So I have collected hundreds of herbs from around the world, all of which have been authenticated and which are proven to have health benefits.

“We will offer coffees, teas and authentic herbal remedies, all of which will be handmade in front of the customer.

“Some of them have been used for thousands of years in North Africa, Europe and the Middle East.”

Mr Fhahfavar says he is keen for the new business to offer a truly authentic service to customers and believes Halifax will embrace the experience.

He added: “There are no other businesses offering this range of coffees, teas and herbal remedies.

“We will also be unique because in the evenings we will have a creative organic bar which will feature handmade and organic liquors and whiskies served from wooden barrels.

“It has cost £250,000 for the refurbishment but we wanted everything to be of the highest quality.

“We want it to be a traditional, old-fashioned environment where people get the feeling of an authentic, organic place.

“I believe people may be a bit puzzled at first but given time Halifax will love it.”