Homes to be demolished

Demolition work will begin on properties on North Halifax's Abbey Park estate
Demolition work will begin on properties on North Halifax's Abbey Park estate

Demolition work will begin on more than one hundred properties on a derelict North Halifax estate.

Next month, demolition work will begin on a total of 111 Pennine Housing 2000 properties on the notorious Abbey Park estate, Illingworth, - where many houses have stood derelict for several years.

A notice issued by Pennine Housing 2000 says demolition is planned to start on March 16 and completion is expected four months after work has begun.

Janette Pearce, Head of Pennine Housing 2000, said: “We have been working with tenants, residents, local councillors and the local authority for the past couple of years to find the best solution for the Abbey Park Estate.

“Over the past couple of years a decision was reached with the community to demolish 104 properties, 97 Pennine and seven owner occupiers.”

Mrs Pearce said the process so far has been smooth with the majority of affected residents already having been relocated.

“We have a number of residents that are affected by this work and have been working with them to look at landscaping once the area is cleared.

“The demolition will take place over the next couple of months,” she said.

The area will form part of Pennine Housing 2000’s regeneration plan for North Halifax which it will deliver with Calderdale Council.

The Council’s head of housing, environment and renewal, Mark Thompson, said: “The planned selective demolition of the Abbey Park housing estate in Illingworth is part of a wider regeneration project in North Halifax aiming to secure investment in jobs, housing and the local environment.

“The Council will work with Pennine Housing to discuss future plans for the site and Pennine will undertake landscaping work to improve the site whilst a long term plan is being developed.”

Properties 1-27 Selby, 1-32 South Selby, 14-24, Byland, 1-6 North Byland, 1-17 West Byland, 67, 68, 72-77, 90-92 North Selby are to be demolished.