How they do business a little differently overseas

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

Greetings from Europe this week. I’ve visited six countries since Monday mixing a little business with lots of pleasure.

As a sales professional and marketer I drove around constantly looking for new ideas and also contrasts between how we do things at home and how they are done overseas.

It’s fair to say neither gets it just right, so there is always a little to learn from other countries, professionals and cultures.

For tradesmen, it’s interesting to note that on the continent the van livery is almost full with details of what the tradesmen does, rather than merely a name and phone number.

One of my favourite quotes is “how you do anything, is how you do everything”.

In the retail industry it could also be described as “you are only as good as your least trained staff member”.

After all whether your customers is served by your least experienced member or the person who’s been on the shop floor 40 years, that is going to be their personal experience and perception of the business.

Knowing that, are you confident that this is how you want your business represented?

A brilliant example of this hit me between the eyes as I passed a car transporter in France. Only this was no ordinary car transporter. Each of the six cars on board were wrapped in a protective fabric cover.

On the outside it simply said Maserati. How different is that to most manufacturers?

My immediate perception was if they take this much care transporting the cars, imagine what care goes in to producing them?

This didn’t happen by accident. A great understanding of how Maserati wanted their cars to be perceived led to this decision from the marketing and executive team. I would imagine 10,000 or more cars passed that transporter and consciously or unconsciously credibility in the brand was further enhanced. If you sell high ticket items, are you happy at the whole journey of how they are presented? Maybe now would be a good time to review.

A 1,000 mile car journey inevitably means listening to audiobooks and trainings, a library on wheels if you like. I wanted to share a couple of tips to help you get stuff done in record time and to the highest standard possible.

I loved the idea of creative procrastination. This means actually doing the important tasks first and procrastinating on the least important stuff. I think almost everyone has been guilty of doing just the opposite.

If three words ran consistently through the trainings, they were ‘do it now’.

This certainly could be critical if you are to start 2016 off with a bang. You see most business and professional services will start to wind down for Christmas shortly. They will convince themselves that there is no business until mid-January. This is simply not true. Make sure you keep your energy levels and activity high while everyone else is snoozing this December. Do it now!