How to generate business quickly on social media

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

There is no shortage of tips, tricks and hacks you can use to get ahead in social media and feedback from small businesses is quite telling. It’s simply overwhelming.

You ask 10 Social media “experts” for advice and get 12 different answers.

So this week I am going to give you simply six tips to ensure you see an almost instant return on your time and money when it comes to generating business via social media.

Pick one or two social media channels and optimise those fully.

Don’t be a hero. Lots of business have a weak presence across four or five networks and struggle to maintain them. Pick one or two and really make sure the bio and ”about us” section are completed properly. Also review your Facebook engagement scores and check they are not hurting your visitor numbers

Create a quick and easy giveaway that can attract specific types of customer.

This shouldn’t be the Apple Watch unless you are related to that industry. It’s a video or report that you only need to create once and will be of great value to the reader. This creates a first exchange of information between the potential new customer and your business. This could also be a competition. Just make sure you have 1000+ people on your facebook page or are spending a small budget to promote

Write a blog post one or two times a week that is relevant to your audience and trumpets your expertise

Keep the end goal in mind. Writing posts that solve others problems is a winning formula. Make sure to advertise what else you do at the bottom of the post. Pick five topics that interest your potential customers that are non-sales related.

Eighty-five per cent of what you post on social media should be non-sales related. Whether that’s local issues, trends, the weather… things that are going to keep people on your social media channels in between your news and sales items.

Schedule regular social media posts. Most businesses fail to post anything more than once a day. Are you guilty of not doing anything for ages, then posting 8 things at once when you have 10 minutes? It just isn’t going to work.

Facebook has an easy scheduler so you can spend the same 10 minutes, but instead of posting everything instantly, spread them out two a day.

Follow up and follow through. Create a system that allows you to follow up. Most people don’t so you can really stand out. Ideally a basic CRM system will do the trick!

Finally if you are a restaurant, hotel or a tourist attraction please do pay attention to TripAdvisor. In your industry this is one of the key “social networks” and avenues of recommendations.

Don’t worry if you get the odd bad review. Be calm, ask yourself whether it has merit (objectively please!) and always respond courteously.

Even if it is just to let them know that’s not a typical experience and point to your (hopefully) many positive reviews previously.