Huge US order for Halifax firm

Joe O'Kane
Joe O'Kane

Halifax-based safety products manufacturer, Tagattach Limited, has agreed a huge US deal.

The firm - managed and invented by Joe O’Kane - has received an initial order from Orr Safety Corporation headquartered in Kentucky USA, which will also distribute the company’s products throughout the US.

Orr Safety Corporation was approached by a rail road client earlier this year looking for products to improve safety when handling heavy loads.

Taglines are commonly used by operators to use lengths of rope which can tangle around arms and legs or fray causing significant injuries.

After thorough testing of the Tagattach product in the US, the rail road client approved the products for use and is expected to begin purchasing them over the coming months.

Tagattach already has its sights set on other global markets such as Singapore and the United Arab Emirates and look to make further announcements in the near future.