Imagineer help sought over personal health budgets

The Imagineer team is helping spread awareness of Personal Health Budgets
The Imagineer team is helping spread awareness of Personal Health Budgets

A Halifax company is taking a leading role in educating people about personal health budgets.

Imagineer, of Gibbet Street, provides a range of training and support services and has recently been commissioned by Manchester NHS.

The NHS nationally wants to give people with disabilities the ability to be in control of their own budgets through the introduction of personal health budgets which provides an individual with an amount of money to support identified healthcare and wellbeing needs.

The budgets have been piloted for and are now being rolled out nationwide.

But, the scheme, which offers people more independence and choice, has had a slow take-up and that has been blamed on pilots only being delivered to a limited number of people.

Independent brokers are seen as playing a big part in achieving self-directed health care and Imagineer will be providing such brokers with training.

Liz Leach, director of Imagineer, said: “This is a huge opportunity for us, we are a fairly small company but what we do makes a huge difference to people’s lives and we want to help as many people as we can.”

By April 2014 all clinical commissioning groups will need to be able to offer personal health budgets to people receiving NHS care and as a result Imagineer has been inundated with inquiries from primary care trusts and other NHS teams.