Increasing fuel costs are having impact on our local businesses

Sainsbury's petrol station, Halifax
Sainsbury's petrol station, Halifax

RECORD fuel prices have been hitting businesses across Calderdale.

A report from the AA confirmed that the average price of diesel last week hit an all-time high of 143.05p per litre.

The previous high was 143.04p per litre in May last year but prices dropped for a short period after that.

In that time the average price of petrol has risen from from 112.03p to 135.39p.

Andy Storey, of Copley based haulage firm HR Goodale Ltd, said: “It’s just cutting us right to the bone – it’s getting absloutely ridiculous.

“You have to pass some of the costs on to the customers but you can’t keep doing that because they will eventually go elsewhere so it comes out of your profits.”

Taxi drivers are also feeling the pinch with some drivers selling up and working in other industries.

Hackney carriage driver Shakil Manir said: “We have not had a rise in fares for three years but in that time fuel prices have gone up.

“All of the is impacting our profits. Drivers I’ve spoken to are working longer hours for the same, or even less, money.

“Some are even giving up all together and going to work in other areas – it’s a tough time for us all.”