Jobs safe at Nestle

HUNDREDS of jobs in Halifax have been safeguarded with the proposed shake-up at confectionery firm Nestle.

Workers’ union UNITE has accepted the company’s case for closure of its Castle-ford factory.

Consequently, After Eight production moves to Albion Mills, Halifax, along with 60 jobs.

Union spokesman John Mallinder said in the longer-term the future of around 800 jobs in Halifax should be more secure.

“Halifax will now make the necessary moves to accommodate After Eight production which will bring down the unit costs and safeguard jobs long-term,” he said.

“It means the utilisation of Halifax is in a stronger position than before. It is a plus for Halifax.”

But the Castleford site closure will shed 210 jobs. Some will transfer with After Eight, and another 60 will be created in Fawdon, Newcastle, which takes over production of Toffee Crisp.

Halifax makes Easter eggs and Quality Street, which are seasonal products, along with After Eight.

Mr Mallinson said that would enable better efficient use of machinery involved in the production of soft centres but other plant machinery would also be part of the transfer to be phased from the end of the year.

He said the union was saddened with the loss of the Castleford site as Nestle drives towards maximum efficiency and the union was holding talks with displaced staff.