Karen wraps her Sowerby Bridge sweet shop in sweet wrappers!

A sweet tooth expands into a sweet eye when you walk into a Sowerby Bridge shop and a mass of colour.

The Sweet Emporium’s walls and ceiling are virtually covered in thousands of sweet wrappers.

Karen Micallef

Karen Micallef

It marks several years’ work for owners Karen and Ronald Micallef, of Sowerby.

The shop at Wharf Street moved a few doors down the street before Christmas and the couple scraped off the wrappers and re-stuck them - along with many more pictures and labels - in the new premises.

Karen said the couple wanted their shop to look different - and the sweet wrappers had gone down a treat.

Old time favourite sweet names adorn the shop alongside today’s popular brands.

“The customers love it and we get a lot of comments about how nice the walls look,” said Karen.

“Every time someone comes into the shop they stop and look.

“We have had children saying they want similar coverings in their rooms and it does look like wallpaper.”

Karen, a mum of six children aged from four to 17, said she got her love of sweets from her father.

“I just like running the shop and it’s something I always wanted to do and I get to meet so many nice people,” she said.

But her kids’ aren’t allowed to join her at work.

“That is too much bother - they want to eat everything,” she said.