Lee Kenny social media column: top ten tips on how businesses can use social media

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

For local businesses to succeed in the coming years, not only will they need to keep evolving their product offering, they also need to change how they reach their audience.

Whether you use Social Media in your personal life or not, it is certainly where your prospective customers are spending more of their time.

To increase your chances of a successfully reaching new customers online, here’s 10 tips to put you on the right track.

1) Decide exactly what you want to get from social media. What would success look like? Be specific in terms of web visitors, leads generated or sales calls you want to receive. Then you can work backwards from there

2) Invest in Social Media. You either have to pay with money or your time when it comes to being successful online. Cash is quicker, but be sure to understand what return you need to make it worthwhile

3) Don’t feel like you have to be everywhere. It’s better to have a great presence on one or two networks, than a poor one over five or six. Pick the network that is most likely to suit your customers and your budget. Make sure you register your business name on each of the social media networks though.

4) Mix it up. Try sharing some videos as well as photos. When combined with just written updates, the engagement rates with customers are much higher.

5) Add Social buttons to your website. Make sure any social media accounts you have are connected to your website. This helps Google to understand the connection and can reward good engagement on the web with free traffic to your site

6) Have the customer in mind. Too many companies act like a one way megaphone. Shouting out sales messages is ok, but only to a point. What will your customers find interesting and helpful? Only 15-20% of updates should be sales related. The rest should just be offering great information that’s of value to your readers

7) Know The Score. Use Google Analytics, Facebook Insights & Twitter Analytics to see what is and isn’t working. Facebook business pages are allocated a score by Facebook. Improve yours and they will send free traffic your way.

8) Have a strategy & use tools to make it easier. So much time can be lost on social media if you start without a strategy. Use tools to reduce the time you spend each day

9) Be consistent. Two updates per day is better than 15 on one day each week. Use the analytics to understand when your customers are online and post at those times of day

10) Have fun! Yes it’s for your business, but it doesn’t need to be a chore. Let your personality shine through and you’ll reap the rewards.