Leo Group fuels the world on ‘green’ oil

A shipment prepares to leave the UK
A shipment prepares to leave the UK

Environmental specialist Leo Group at Swalesmoor, Halifax, has completed its biggest shipments of “green” oil which will be used as a hi-tech aviation fuel across the world.

It has shipped 10,700 tonnes of tallow recycled at its Omega Proteins plants in Denholme, and Penrith. That accounts for 10,700,000 litres of oil.

The tallow, a natural by-product rendered from animal waste collected by the company from all over the UK, is a key component in the process to create an advanced form of biodiesel.

Leo Group managing director Danny Sawrij is delighted his firm is successfully reducing carbon footprints and said: “ Waste is not in the Leo Group’s vocabulary or culture – everything these days has a use and 100 per cent of all by-product materials on our sites are now recycled.

“A few years ago, a dead sheep would be buried in the ground with the risk of contamination. Now we can turn that sheep into diesel and electricity – you can run your car on it and turn your lights on. That is how far we have come.”

Biodiesel is proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 per cent compared to fossil diesel. However, not all biofuels are sustainable. Unsustainable biofuels can cause environmental damage, the most obvious example being the clearance of virgin rainforest to grow oil plants such as palm oil.