Linda: Tories are to blame for fuel crisis

8th April 2010. 'Linda Riordan MP for Halifax.
8th April 2010. 'Linda Riordan MP for Halifax.
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HALIFAX MP Linda Riordan has hit out at the Government for causing the fuel panic which has seen pumps run dry across Calderdale.

Talk of a strike by tanker drivers has seen motorists packing out forecourts as they try to keep their cars topped up.

Mrs Riordan said: “There is no fuel crisis or at least there wasn’t but there is now thanks to the Government and statements about jerry cans. What world do they live in?

“You have to join the panic because if you don’t you will run out of fuel. There is no need for it. There is not even a definite strike.

“This is caused by a few out-of-touch Tories who don’t live in our world at all.”

She said the motives from ministers in central governement were clear to see.

“It has totally backfired on them – it was just political point scoring,” she said.

However, the MP said that while she blames the Tories for the fuel crisis she doesn’t expect to see any of them at the pumps any time soon.

She said: “In London you don’t need a car. It won’t be the Tories queuing up for petrol but their chauffeurs might be.”

The rush for fuel continued into a second day yesterday.

l Sainsbury’s, Wade Street, Halifax, ran out of petrol on Thursday but a delivery in the evening meant they were up and running yesterday morning.

However, they expected stores to run out leaving them to wait on another delivery over the weekend.

l Esso, Huddersfield Road, remained closed with no indication of when their next delivery would be.

Cote Hill, Burnley Road, had run out of fuel and they were not expecting a delivery until Saturday morning.

l Belmont Services, Rochdale Road, Sowerby Bridge, were down to diesel only.

l West Vale filling station were out of fuel and were not expecting any until Saturday morning.

l Co-operative group in Elland were due to run out on Friday afternoon but were hoping this would only be a blip, with a delivery expected later in the day.

l Shell services at Salterhebble Hill were out of fuel and were not expecting a delivery.

Unions will meet for talks with ministers over the strike proposals but they expect that even if there was a strike, it wouldn’t be until after the Easter weekend.

l Check for updates.