Long Can Hall have recipe for success with ‘British Burrito’

The British Burrito. Photo: Long Can Hall.
The British Burrito. Photo: Long Can Hall.

The owners of Long Can Hall proved they have the recipe for success after their ‘British Burrito’ became a viral sensation.

The Halifax restaurant has created the dish made from a rolled-out Yorkshire pudding and roast beef with a side of gravy.

And it has since proved a huge hit online, with the burrito featured on several news websites and attracting hundreds of thousands of likes on Facebook.

James Dempsey, director and head chef, said: “Looking at the diary we’re fully booked all next week and the week after.

“We’ve had emails from around the world asking for the recipe and how it’s made - people from Australia, Russia, the USA.

“It’s pretty crazy to say the least.

“A guy came in to the pub and took a picture of the dish and uploaded it to a website called Reddit, naming it the British Burrito.

“Then the Metro newspaper picked it up on the Saturday and then on the Sunday it was featured by The Food Bible.

“My phone’s crashed a few times because it can’t keep up.

“The website alone on the Sunday got 16,697 hits and the day after it got 2,900.

“On average we get about 28 to 40 a day.”