Loose ‘Staffordshire terriers’ cause chaos in Morrisons aisles

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Shoppers watched on in amazement as three dogs roamed around the aisles of a Halifax supermarket.

One shopper who has asked not to be named said people were running out of Morrisons screaming as staff managed to get two of the dogs outside by using brushes. “The two dogs were removed from the store while they kept the bitch inside. Parents with children were locking themselves in the toilets because they feared for their safety,” he said.

Another witness who tweeted the Courier said: “Staffy type dogs running riot in Morrison Illingworth, lady finally bitten.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said they were called at 10.55am on Monday to reports of three dogs at the store in Keighley Road.

A spokeswoman for Calderdale Council said the dog warden collected two of the dogs that morning - one from the car park and one from the RSPCA re-homing centre in Halifax. The other is believed to have been collected and taken away by a member of the public before the dog warden arrived on site.