Making the best use of volunteers

Nick Hurd MP at the Orange Box, Halifax.
Nick Hurd MP at the Orange Box, Halifax.

A new Yorkshire-based charity is helping other charities to get the most from specialist business volunteers.

Talentpledge brokers relationships between charities and companies. Under the scheme, businesses offer targeted assistance to charities and third-sector organisations, enabling volunteers to improve their skills, create new contacts and raise morale within businesses.

Michelle Beckett, CEO of Talentpledge, said: “Instead of sending corporate lawyers to paint a wall in a community centre, which is what a lot of businesses equate volunteering with, we get them to help the charities with business strategy or legal work.”

The Orangebox, Halifax, has been matched-up with insurers Simply Health.

Michelle said: “The Orangebox is a great charity that needed some help with its customer service and strategy.

“Simply Health has excellent customer service training, so I’ve got them to do customer service training for staff and young people at the Orangebox for free.”

Nick Giltrow, contact centre manager at Simply Health, said: “Our organisation donates a lot of money every year to charity, but this is a new way for us to make a real difference with charities rather than just handing out a cheque.”

Madeline Irwin, director of Orangebox, said: “We’ve got young people helping out with the management of the centre, and we need to give them as much as we can to develop their skills and make the most of being here at Orangebox.