Meet Tom, Project Challenge’s new apprentice

Tom Harnett, new apprentice at Project Challenge, Dean Clough.
Tom Harnett, new apprentice at Project Challenge, Dean Clough.

MEET Tom Harnett, the latest member of the Project Challenge team.

Tom, from Greetland, applied through their apprenticeship programme and has been welcomed with open arms.

Tom is a former Brooksbank sixth-former and has joined the Dean Clough-based charity, which works with young people to offer hands-on experiences and qualifications.

He’d never heard of them before he signed up and never expected to join as an apprentice.

His head of year told him about the scheme.

“She knew I wanted to work with young people,” he said.

“A lot of friends have gone to university and now they’re getting into debt,” said Tom, who is 18.

It was Tom’s first interview and Pete Dawber and Lorna Butterick put him through his paces.

“I had them both laughing and I could relate to all the questions they asked me, so I felt I’d done well.”

He now works with them, planning training courses, residentials and trips for the latest group and they will set off to the Lake District next week.

“It’s just brilliant. I do new things every day and I never do the same thing. The young people are great and we’re always having a laugh,” he said.

Funding for the place came from the Community Foundation for Calderdale and the council.