Mixenden still on course for a new centre

THE council is to put another £150,000 into a scheme for improving the centre of Mixenden.

That is on top of the £633,000 it has already earmarked for the community ‘hub’ project.

The aim is to build new shops, a library, community facilities and possibly a small health centre on the site of the former Jumples pub.

Earlier attempts failed to attract a medium-sized supermarket to act as a centre piece for the scheme.

The latest funding will come from the Performance Reward Grant which Calderdale Council has been given by the Government for achieving well across a range of services.

The total grant is worth nearly £2.6 million.

The council’s economy and environment spokesman, Coun Barry Collins, said: “There was some doubt about whether or not the project would go ahead following the news that Pennine Housing was unable to continue its support.

“But the council remains wholly committed to ensuring that people in Mixenden have access to the shops and services that they need and deserve”

Councillor Collins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden) said the local authority had to cut its spending on building and improvement schemes but the reward grant would help to guarantee funding for the Mixenden project.

“If regeneration is to mean anything at all, then it has to take place in our most disadvantaged communities,” he said.

*Pennine Housing is seeking planning approval to insulate three high rise blocks of flats in Mixenden and to increase the height of the roof parapets.

The work on Jumples Court, Mixenden Court and Wheatley Court will be part of a £10 million scheme designed to make 1,000 houses, flats and bungalows more energy efficient.

Some will get new boilers.