‘Naughty’ #Christmas jumpters fly off the line

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A Halifax fancy dress retailer has been inundated with online orders for its naughty Christmas jumper range.

Festive jumpers with tongue-in-cheek slogans sold out rapidly at Fancydressball with consumers revelling in the humorous spirit of Christmas.

The knits were targeted at the office worker who doesn’t want to adhere to the status quo with slogans such as ‘Who do I sleep with to get a promotion?’, pictured.

Other cheeky jumpers include The Bad Santa with the slogan ‘What? The work experience girl was only 18!’; MistleBlow and others - too naughty for print.

Jumpers went onsale for £24.99.

Managing director of fancydressball.co.uk, Paul Howcroft, said: “‘We wanted to have some fun with our naughty knits. The slogans are the sort of things that get whispered in private conversations around the office and the idea is to combat this stereotypical gossipy work culture with humour.

“Festive jumpers are part of the modern Christmas scene, with people wearing them to the office to attract attention. However, over the last few years, we’ve all become a bit immune to them.

“Our naughty jumpers give some shock factor back.”