New £250,000 base in Elland for print firm

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Print specialists ABS UK Ltd has moved to new premises in Elland and is hoping to recruit 12 new staff over the next nine months.

The business has invested £250,000 in their new premises on Newcombe Mill, which include a purpose-built showroom with a full-range of products.

The firm specialise in document production and print and document management and were previously based near the M606 in Bradford.

Marketing co-ordinator David Lees said: “We chose Elland because it offers easier access to road networks via the M62, access to appropriately skilled future recruits and larger premises that are better prepared for growth.

“Our last five years of consistent growth saw us outgrow our old home in Bradford.

“In the last 15 months alone we have taken on 10 new staff members and with growth plans on track larger premises were necessary.

“Continued growth is now the cornerstone of our business for the next five years, during which time turnover will have risen from £6 million to £13 million and a skilled staff headcount will have risen from 35 to 65.

“New premises have to be able to cope with that growth.

“That growth will be fuelled by our un-rivalled commitment to customers, staff, partners in the community in which we are part and the ABS Foundation.

“We currently have two on-going Foundation projects which are the installation of on-site solar panels at Eliya Children’s Home in Sri Lanka and the construction of a roof for two classrooms at the East Coast Nursery and Primary School in India.

“The team of three trustees, who are all ABS UK staff members, are also in the process of researching a potential third project for our new financial year.”

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