New daily grind for musician

A musician is full of beans for his new career after swapping the recording studio for a coffee bar.

Dale Hibbert’s daily routine used to involve giving Morrissey a lift to rehearsals on his bike in the early days of The Smiths, but he has now settled into a daily grind of coffee beans after opening Kava on Halifax Road, Todmorden.

Dale and Sveta Hibbert at Kava, Halifax Road, Todmorden

Dale and Sveta Hibbert at Kava, Halifax Road, Todmorden

Dale, who was the band’s original bass player, says he is much happier in this new chapter of his life.

“It’s going much better than expected,” Dale said.

“We have got lots of regulars now, people who come in four or five times a week.

“We seem to have been embraced by Todmorden and welcomed to their world.

After a successful spell in the music industry, which included becoming a partner at Spirit Studios, he had a change of direction and spent a decade as a horticulturalist.

But then he discovered a new passion - coffee.

After spending time living in Australia and Prague, he returned to the UK with the aim of setting up his own coffee bar.

On a visit to Todmorden, he found the ideal location and served his first latte at the premises last month.

While living in Prague he met his wife Sveta, and they run the business together.

Their time in Prague has influenced how they present drinks at Kava - the Czech word for coffee.

Each order is served with a glass of water to cleanse the palate between sips, as is the Czech custom.

Other worldwide customs are also incorporated, such as serving tea in a Japanese cast iron pot to keep it warmer for longer.

“A musician’s lifestyle didn’t suit me,” he said. “I’m much happier doing this.

“We hope to be here for quite a while.”