New schemes to boost recycling are on the cards

HOUSEHOLDERS could get a wheelie bin for all their recyclable waste, to replace the various boxes and bags they have had to use for the past two years.

The new bins could be emptied every week and the contents sorted elsewhere.

That is one of the longer-term options being considered by councillors in a bid to boost recycling rates.

Later this year in some areas, it is hoped to begin collecting material such as garden waste and cardboard.

Calderdale already has the best recycling record in West Yorkshire and is on target to recycle half of all domestic refuse by 2020, but more needs to be done, the economy and environment scrutiny panel was told.

Negotiations are underway with refuse contractor Sita to start collecting all recyclables every week rather than fortnightly from January, regardless of the type of container.

“In the last two months, the council has been talking to people about their experiences of the waste collection and recycling service,” said the council’s environment director Ian Gray.

He told the scrutiny panel in a report that the comments had helped to formulate a marketing plan for next year, which aims to increase the number of residents who recycle.

“Longer-term pro-jects include looking at how we can develop the next specification of the waste and recycling contract.

“Should we continue with kerbside separation or move to wheelie bins for mixed recyclable products and one for residential waste?”

Mr Gray revealed talks were underway with a social enterprise called Pluss, which helps disabled people find jobs.

“We are developing ideas to enable Pluss to recycle small electrical goods such as hairdryers, kettles and irons linked to the service at the Iscal factory in Ovenden, Halifax.”

Pluss is a not-for-profit business owned by Devon, Plymouth, Somerset and Torbay Councils.

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