New way of ‘lean’ work saves us £1m

THE council has saved more than £1 million in two years through improved ways of working.

Nearly 300 members of staff have taken part in the “Lean Process” improvement programme.

“Lean focuses on maximising activity that customers value, minimising wasteful activity and driving change through those who directly deliver services,” according to Calderdale Council’s head of business change and performance management, Peter Hartley.

His report to the council’s resources panel shows money has been saved by introducing a new benefit recovery system, centralising printing services, new working patterns, reduce administration for school cooks, simplified time sheets and restructuring the finance section.

“A home working initiative increased productivity by 25 per cent, produced significant reductions in sickness levels and reduced the amount of office space required.”

The only cost to the council was the time taken by a small number of officers to develop and implement the programme.

Private consultants would have charged about £1,000 a day.

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