Northgate House debate - AGAINST: Don’t knock it down... and leave us the library

Save it: MP Linda Riordan added her voice to those trying to keep the library
Save it: MP Linda Riordan added her voice to those trying to keep the library

Sheepy wrote: “Knocking down a public building to build a store which will be well used for a few years, but eventually just won’t last - it is an act of insanity.”

Halifax Avenger wrote: “The idea that trade in Halifax will suddenly take off if there is a Primark is a joke. It is illogical to demolish 30-year-old buildings and move them a few hundred yards just on the whim of one developer and one store.”

BM4260 wrote: “This development is not sustainable - it will be empty within a few years. The library is essential as a place to meet, for business and entertainment or even education.”

LizzieJ wrote: “The clothes are badly made and not even worth the money they are selling for!”

Tug wrote: “It’s not going to generate anymore shoppers into town.”

Archie Medes wrote: “If Primark brings in the sort of customers who only want to spend £1 on a T-shirt, it won’t do much for the rest of the retailers in town.”

Branthemosherman wrote: “If a Primark does come to Halifax why must it take all the land it wants? Surely it’s more respectful to a town like this to build around the existing beauty and not tear everything down.”

I who care for our heritage wrote: “Why not incorporate Primark into the Broad Street complex?”

PosterMeerkat wrote: “Wouldn’t it be better to ensure that the existing retail space and the Broad Street development was fully utilised before adding to the empty shops in the area?”

Peter Avinou wrote: “Watch out Bradford, our lot are after your record for landmark holes.”

BEIA wrote: “What happens in time when the newness dies off? Another empty building eventually.”

Sadlymisunderstood wrote: “One shop does not make a town.”