Photographer flying high with new business

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This stunning aerial view of Norland was taken by Phil Fearnley using his unmanned multicopter.

The Sowerby Bridge photographer has invested £50k into his new business - Halo Vue Aerial Cinematography and Photography.

Halo 8 multicopter

Halo 8 multicopter

He has undergone training and is now licensed and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly his Halo 8 multicopter from only a few feet off the ground up to a height of 400 feet.

It carries high quality cameras and filming equipment and Mr Fearnley hopes it will lead to new commercial opportunities.

They could include working with news crews when overhead images are required and flying over golf clubs to allow people to view videos of courses on the web.

Mr Fearnley will pilot the remote flying camera and be assisted by a camera operator.

He will take commands from the operator to fly the aircraft on the right flight path at the correct speed

“It is really unique and I am the only person legally able to operate it in this area,” said Mr Fearnley, who runs the long-established Philip Fearnley Photography business.

There are restrictions on where multicopters can fly to protect crowds and built-up areas, and if operating close to certain traffic zones extra permission might be required.