Pointing you in the right social media direction

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

Yes it’s true, the sensation that is One Direction (or 1D) will be taking a break next year, much to the dismay of millions of fans around the world.

So before they disappear from memory, the column this week is inspired by their biggest hits.

#1 What makes you beautiful

Social media is so full of ‘me-too’ type accounts that you need to take a moment to plan what it is about you or your business that is worth shouting about. Think back to when you started, you probably thought you were able to do things much better than the others. Focus on that and be sure to tell the world.

#2 Story of my life

It helps to build credibility with your audience and we often over-estimate exactly how much people know about you or your business. Even the existing and most long-serving customers still benefit from hearing about how you started. Profiles of your team, from the receptionist to management team can really help those customers who are too embarrassed to ask names after all this time.

#3 Little things

Most businesses never get started (or stop way too soon) because they feel overwhelmed by the seemingly enormous task ahead of them. Whether it’s choosing which networks to use, what to talk about or finding interesting pictures or videos, this can all be a barrier to getting started. However, in reality you can start small with the little things. Start by posting once a day rather than trying to write five things a day. Use smartphones to record and upload video rather than worrying about transferring files to PC’s, then back to Facebook or Twitter. Also know that the things you find interesting are likely to be interesting to your audience and potential customers too. Start smaller with the little things and then you can move on to bigger things once you have built up some confidence.

#4 One way or another

Two key points here - one is that it is OK to recycle older (popular) material for a new audience. Not everyone has read your old social media updates. The other is that if you can involve a charity in your social media efforts that benefit your customers and make good sense, then that is always a win-win.

#5 Best song ever

1D really knew how to make catchy tunes and have been going full-throttle for five years. Yes it was hard work, yes it was fun, but above all it took consistent efforts and putting their best foot forward to create such a huge following. Of course, being featured on X Factor gave them a great start, but with good management, a great product and lots of drive they had to do the rest.

Too many businesses want to try the ‘poke it with a stick’ method. Let’s try it for a week and see what it brings. That simply won’t work. So be sure to take a few minutes this week and choose to promote your X-Factor and get going!