Products are sold across the globe

Award-winning Elland company Boxford welcomed Government minister Kenneth Clarke who opened the new factory and offices at Dewsbury Road.

Mr Clarke, Minister without Porfolio and a former Chancellor and Home Secretary, toured the factory and expressed amazement at the state-of-the-art premises.

Kenneth Clarke  with managing director Paul Barraclough.

Kenneth Clarke with managing director Paul Barraclough.

During his long career he said he had visited many engineering companies since when working conditions had been improved beyond recognition.

“I continue to be amazed to see a facility of this kind. This is the world in which Britain has to thrive. We have to compete globally and a firm like this is so amazing impressive.”

Boxford last year received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade and won the Courier’s Business of the Year Award.

It machine tools for the educational and training markets are known all over the world.

Mr Clarke said the Government was striving to help exporters with finance.

Mr Clarke was introduced by director Bill Currie who gave a snapshot of the company’s proud history.

It was formed in the late 1940s since when it has developed various models for its niche education and training markets.

For the last three decades its CNC machines have been exported all over the world into over 200 countries.

Around 70 per cent of its products are exported and everything is produced in-house.