Rachael’s business looks in great shape

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A businesswoman from Halifax has big plans for her company after turning her passion into a career.

Former purchasing manager Rachael Plummer, 23, changed direction from working for her family business and became a personal trainer, a decision she made after undergoing her own weight-loss regime.

She said: “When I was 20 I weighed over 15 stone, in 2011 I made steps to change my lifestyle and to lose weight healthily. I changed my eating habits drastically and this, combined with a range of exercises, I went on to lose five stone.

“After my success both physically and mentally, I knew that personal training was what I was born to do.

“Throughout my weight loss journey, I would also advise on healthy eating online to people in the same situation. I wanted to help other people achieve what I achieved, and nothing makes me happier than seeing people succeed.”

Rachael took part in an intensive six week course with The Training Room and achieved an accredited PT qualification and following her graduation, she set up her own personal training business Raevolution.

On running her own business, Rachael said: “Being your own boss is magical. It’s hard work because you don’t have routine income, but you have so much freedom and it’s awesome to be able to shape the business into something great which ultimately belongs to you.

“I currently have four PT clients, a group which do weekly classes, and four lifting course clients. If you are starting a business in an environment with no client base, be ready for it to be hard work and get your name out there. The results will come in time.”

“As well as my Raevolution studio, I am an online personal trainer and have coached countless clients overseas and in the UK. I am now making fitness jewellery, and my partner and I are looking to start a healthy baking business.

Raevolution will hopefully grow with a great client base and I hope to open a café/restaurant alongside a bigger and better gym, maybe even overseas.”