Rare envelope sold for £160

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An envelope sent by a Halifax soldier from Africa to a Sowerby Bridge-born friend during the Boer War in 1900 has sold for £160 at a London auction.

The letter originally inside the envelope from Trooper Frank Lewin of the 23rd Lancashire Company,8th Battalion,Imperial Yeomanry vanished sometime ago, but fortunately he scribbled his name and regimental details in the bottom left hand corner of the envelope, otherwise the story of the trooper might have been lost forever.

Lewin survived the horrors and hardship of the Boer War, only to be hit by family tragedy when he returned home to Halifax where he spent much of his life.

Frank Lewin’s envelope was among more than four hundred rare Boer War envelopes and stamps assembled by the late Harry Birkhead.

Mr Birkhead’s collection ,was expected to fetch around £170,000 at Spink in Bloomsbury,,London.