Reactiv boss’s dream came true

Tony Abbott
Tony Abbott

Leading Calderdale businessman Tony Abbott has urged people to do what he did and follow their dreams during 2013.

He dreamt of setting up his own company and when he moved north from London in 1994 he didn’t let a lack of funds stop him.

His Elland-based business Reactiv, which he set up five years ago, now turns over £6 million annually and employs 250.

Mr Abbott said the secret of his success was always aiming high, always having a goal to aspire to, and having a positive attitude.

“I’ve lived my life following my dreams and it’s never let me down. I’ve always had a list of around 10 dreams which take into account my business, my family, my health and my sporting hobbies,” he said.

“One of them is to build something to be proud of and that’s Reactiv. We have come through tough times but have got there in the end. It’s been hard work but well worth it.”

His ambition is to make Reactiv a market leader in direct marketing.

Reactiv has released more apps for the iStore than any other UK developer and a new direct marketing tool called Activ Responders is to be launched onto the market this year. It will be the first of its kind in the country and will provide companies with the most up-to-date data available today.

Success has led to Mr Abbott winning Courier business awards, being named Britain’s best boss for treating his staff, setting up a charity, andhe is a director and major backer of Halifax RLFC. He also set up his Heartbeat of Sport charity after witnessing Bolton player Fabrice Muamba collapsing on the pitch at Tottenham.