Read all about Lizzy in new book

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A Halifax businesswoman has contributed to The Wellbeing Guide, a book by wellbeing experts throughout the UK.

Lizzy Radcliffe, the founder of INSKIN Skincare, based in Halifax, was invited to share her wisdom into how aromatherapy can help sufferers of insomnia.

Lizzy concentrated on one essential oil, vetiver, a traditional South Asian medicine with a sweet, woody and earthy aroma. Vetiver is highly sedative and Lizzy also added a little insight into the perfumery business.

Lizzy, a former lecturer in anatomy, physiology and aromatherapy, said: “I enjoyed the opportunity to write this article and for the chance to explain the ethos of INSKIN.

“What’s correct for your friend or family member may be too little or too much sleep for you. Your poor sleep patterns are unique to you.”