Social media column: Mobile strategy for business

Lee Kenny (left) from Snowflake Media
Lee Kenny (left) from Snowflake Media

If you have a “smart phone” such as an iPhone, Galaxy or HTC, you’ll be aware Applications, or Apps for short.

Over one billion people now use Apps on a daily business and as detailed in George Berkowski’s book. “Billion Dollar App” there are already 12 apps that have passed the enormous $1bn in revenue or valuation.

These include, Snapchat & WhatsApp for messaging. Uber for Taxi’s. Square for credit card processing and Instagram. Most people will have heard of Candy Crush who are also a member of this exclusive club.

The App is the latest in mobile technology and one that seems to have caught the younger generation’s attention. Last year I was on a “dragons” panel where over a hundred 16-18 year olds had to present ideas for future businesses. Around 65% chose to develop an App.

Your business may benefit from an App, but you should probably focus first on how potential customers are already viewing your website via mobile devices.

Approximately 30% of website visitors do so on a mobile device, defined loosely as smart phones (iPhones) or tablets (think iPad or Kindle)

As a business you really have 3 choices when it comes to mobile

Do nothing. Just hope customers battle on through.

Create a “responsive” mobile site. Deliver an optimised version of the site that is designed to adapt to the screen size.

Create a specific mobile site. This delivers a curated version of the site that is designed specifically with the device in mind.

Experts say that a dedicated mobile site can increase conversions by almost 300% versus an optimised site, so if you have a lot of visitors, it’s certainly something to consider

Remember to check your data and see what devices your customers are using. These days there is no excuse for a business to not have analytics, Google provides a free service. (

If you do have an App, consider a premium service like Mixpanel. (

There are lots of web design specialists in Calderdale who can walk you through the best options for your business.

Have a great weekend!

Lee Kenny is Managing Director at Halifax-based Snowflake Media