Social Media column with Lee Kenny: The perfect recipe to raise your social media profile

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

Every week a new social media platform is hailed as the next big thing. However only a few provide real value for your business.

At Snowflake Media we focus a lot of our own social media efforts on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but some of our clients find much better results on Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.

But so much choice has left business owners asking “What is the best social media channel for me to use?” And should I vary what is posted on each channel?

While it is tempting to use software that lets you post one update across multiple networks, the message you need is different if you want to really connect effectively.

A few years ago a poster online showed the different ways to discuss “Donut” (American spelling) eating on social media networks.

I thought I’d update that with a slight Yorkshire twist. Here’s how people would communicate differently on each social media channel:

Twitter: I am eating a #YorkshirePudding

Facebook: I like eating Yorkshire Puddings, especially at The Fleece (other restaurants are available!)

Trip Advisor: Here is what I thought about the Yorkshire Puddings at The Shibden Mill.

YouTube: Here I am eating a Yorkshire pudding

LinkedIn: My skills include eating Yorkshire puddings! Or I am looking for retailers to sell my Yorkshire Puddings

Instagram: Here’s a vintage shot of my Yorkshire pudding

SnapChat: Where did my Yorkshire pudding go?

Pinterest: Here is a recipe for delicious Yorkshire Puddings

Periscope: Join me live where you’ll hear from my Yorkshire pudding who’ll be answering your questions!

Google+: I’d like to form a community about why we eat Yorkshire Puddings on a much higher intellectual level than Facebook users

Which social media channel should you use? Well there are two main factors. The most important is where are your target customers already? The second is how much time do you have to devote to increasing your profile?

If you are selling to other businesses, then LinkedIn is probably the fastest way to reach people for free. It doesn’t mean one of the other channels won’t work, but if your time is limited start here.

If your product or service is used and bought by individuals, then Facebook or Twitter may be a better option. In an ideal scenario you would create one piece of content or marketing and then distribute that in various forms.

A typical route to promoting your offer might look something like this:

Record a video and upload it to YouTube, Facebook and include it on a blog post. Transcribe the video and edit to create a website article.

Post a slimmed down version of the blog to Facebook and Linkedin, referring to your site for the full article.

Finally create a 100 character headline that describes your story and post it to Twitter with a link to the video or website article.

But above all, have fun.