Social Media with Lee Kenny: Five simple ways to increase your Facebook page likes

Lee Kenny
Lee Kenny

In golf there’s a saying: “Drive for show, putt for dough”.

In other words while people are obsessed with hitting the ball miles, it’s the putting and short game that wins matches. Now almost every golfer in the world knows this is true, yet they still want to smash it.

The equivalent in social media is “How do I get more likes?” While I could tell you why volume is just vanity and its sales that matter, you still probably want to know how to “smash it too”. So here’s a few tips to get those likes up quickly.

Post regularly

Most pages need to post 2-3 times per day to ensure they reach the majority of their fan base. There’s a myth that Facebook is deliberately holding back your updates so you’ll advertise. Your updates usually only reach a small number of fans due to poor timing or content that just isn’t that shareable.

Form partnerships

Work with other complementary pages to share each other’s updates. I’m not talking about just liking a page, asking them to do the same and then off to the next one never to visit again. This is about real partnerships and genuine wanting to see each other succeed.

Clearly this wouldn’t be competitors, but solicitors helping accountants or one retailer helping another. It has to make sense to the audience, but good partnerships enhance the fans’ experience.

Work on the right things

Most businesses go through a routine of posting and occasionally advertising. Make sure you are posting updates when your audience is online. You can find out the best time to post your key stories in the Facebook Insights section. Next ensure you have completed a full “About Us” profile with accurate location. Facebook ranks each page on 21 different categories.

Keep up to date with the changes on Facebook

Last month Facebook announced that they wanted to ensure that each Facebook user had approximately 30 per cent of their timeline filled with videos. If you use Facebook you won’t have failed to notice how many more videos there are. The smarter businesses started uploading videos to their timeline and saw at least a 100 per cent increase in the percentage of fans they were reaching for free. These don’t have to be flashy corporate videos. A nifty iPhone video will do when you first get started

Get some help

Not from your 14-year-old nephew but from the professionals who can advise whether you are doing the right things and how to be more effective.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through seminars and training. I know this has been challenging to find good training locally so I’m pleased to announce that Snowflake Media has just launched a series of standalone 2.5 hour training sessions over the coming couple of months. These will give you the latest techniques and training to use on Facebook and Twitter and can be effective whatever your level of expertise.

To celebrate the launch and to thank you for reading this column (and the many grammatical errors!) I’m pleased to offer an exclusive discount of £50 to every Courier reader who attends.

More details can be found at or via phone 0845 0520721.

The training will be held here in Halifax and will be great fun as well as effective in driving business and new sales via social media.