Solvay helps out its community

Site director John Hamnett with group supporter Clare Normanton
Site director John Hamnett with group supporter Clare Normanton

A Holywell Green company has supported its local community with a £1,000 donation to restore the historic St Helen’s Well.

Solvay Halifax - formerly known as Rhodia - employs 60 people at its production site at Brooklands Industrial Estate, Holywell Green.

Site director John Hamnett said the site’s history is interwined with Shaw Park as it occupied land and buildings formerly used as a mill by the Shaw family.

“The Shaw Park Restoration Group is undertaking a considerable and valuable task on behalf of the community and we’re delighted to be able to support it,” he said.

Shaw Park was given to the community in 1955. The restoration group was set up in 2010 to restore it to its former glory.

Solvay has also donated pallets of stone toppings to aid restoration of the well. The works will include a new wrought iron gate for the tunnel entrance.

Shaw Park contains several grade two listed buildings and ornamental ponds but has fallen into decline in recent years.

And, although maintained by Calderdale Council its funds don’t stretch to a full restoration.

Group supporter Clare Normanton said restoring Shaw Park is a huge task but people were determined and Solvay’s help made a difference.

The chemical company manufactures surfactants, materials which are used in shampoos and detergents, and biocides which remove bacteria from water.