Spending review hits local councils

George Osborne
George Osborne

The chancellor announced a fresh batch of cuts at the annual spending review with some positives including a council tax freeze.

George Osborne MP confirmed that there would be £11.5 billion of cuts including a ten per cent cut for Local Government funding.

However, he confirmed capital investment of £370 million for flood defences and £10 billion for road repairs.

A flood insurance fund will also be created to help homes affected by flooding.

Halifax MP Linda Riordan said: “I doubt anyone in Halifax is cheering today. These measures signal more pain, more misery and more cuts for people in the town.”

Deputy council leader Barry Collins said: “We are still working through the detailed implications but the suspicion is that the chancellor’s announcement will hit local communities more heavily than the south.”

The local Conservative group predicts that the council will have to find a saving of £8 million from its £450 million budget.

Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker said: “There is extra investment in flood alleviation projects which no doubt will be helpful to the Calder Valley.

“In my opinion council tax should have been frozen in Calderdale last time. I think they would be incompetent not to do it.

“Council talks about working with other local authorities with vast amount of savings to be made - we need to see some action.”