Stars on the walls at our TGI Friday’s

Duty manager Holleigh Cawood (left) and Leah Stansfield by a cat's eye
Duty manager Holleigh Cawood (left) and Leah Stansfield by a cat's eye

The huge TGI Friday’s restaurant at the Broad Street Plaza has provided plenty of topics for conversation between diners.

Walls are decorated with memorabilia of the famous and include Calderdale singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and Cats Eyes which were invented by Boothtown-man Percy Shaw.

Duty manager Holleigh Cawood said all TGI Friday’s have clutter walls which also reflect the local area.

“They provide good talking points and people like to have a look around,” she said.

There is also a mural of the American flag made out of 1,000 baseballs.

She said the 274-seat restaurant which recently opened had enjoyed a positive start and had recruited a good team and with constant music a buzzing atmosphere had been created.

The restaurant serves American food favourites including Juicy Burgers, Jack Daniel’s Glazed Ribs and Loaded Potato Skins.

It also has a team of bartenders who claim they can shake and serve more than 500 different cocktails.

There were more than 1,500 applicants for the 94 jobs created.

“We put a huge amount of effort into the restaurant to create something special for the people of Halifax that really reflects the history of the town and we are really pleased that this has been another successful opening for Friday’s,” said Darrell Wade, TGI Friday’s UK Commercial Director.

TGI Friday’s first opened in the UK at Birmingham in 1986 and there are now more than 50.

The company is famous for its flair bartenders and has around 7,000 worldwide who compete annually for the title of TGI Friday’s World Bartender Champion.

TGI Friday’s is aiming to have a “100 per cent no landfill” waste management policy. Currently 88 per cent is recycled or sent to make energy.