Support to start your business

Eric Binns, business enterprise officer for Calderdale Council.
Eric Binns, business enterprise officer for Calderdale Council.

Starting up your own business is a daunting prospect - but here in Calderdale it is one of the best places to start in the country.

Figures show the district regularly topping the Yorkshire rankings and has been ranked eighth out of 326 across English authorities for new business start-ups growth.

A major factor is the council’s all-round support to those wishing to make their own mark on the world of work.

Eric Binns heads up the business support team which responds to individuals and referrals from agencies such as JobCentres.

Since the project was launched in June 2009 there has been over 2,600 inquries and Mr Binns had held 1,300 one-to-one sessions.

He said: “Sometimes the correct decision is not to be self-employed.

“Some people come to us lacking information and we talk everything through with them and some will go further and others will say `it’s not for me’.”

Mr Binns said even those who decided against going it alone often benefit later at job interviews.

“We get a mixture of people seeking advice from age 16 to 80,” he said.

“There are many people in their 40s and 50s who can’t find work.

“We offer a service for local people through which we have created a lot of work, new jobs and businesses.”

The business support team can be contacted on 01422 392222 or