Survey shows that Halifax knows its onions... and buys a lot of them!

A Generic photo of Onions. See PA Feature    Gardening Column . PA Photo/Generic
A Generic photo of Onions. See PA Feature Gardening Column . PA Photo/Generic

Halifax is top of the crops when it comes to fruit and veg purchases in the UK.

An eye-watering survey by Tesco show that onions are bought more regularly in the town than anywhere else in the UK.

The high street giant created a map of the UK’s fruit and vegetable eating habits by analysing weekly data collected in all of its stores over a 12-month period.

Joe Chapman, from Tesco, said: “We all know how tastes change from country to country but this map shows the fantastic regional preferences purely within Britain.”

Meanwhile in Cambridge oranges are bought more regularly than anywhere else, whilst Dorchester has been named as the most health conscious town.

And residents of south-west London may well have the hottest kisses around as they eat the most hot chilli peppers.

Other regional fruit and veg preferences on the Tesco map are:

:: Bananas - most popular with Slough shoppers

:: Cauliflowers - top of produce shopping lists in Hereford

:: Dorchester residents favour apples the most

:: Pears are the most important fruit and veg purchase in Carlisle

:: Londoners are the UK’s biggest garlic fans

:: Potatoes top the produce list in Llandudno, Wales

:: Melons are tops with shoppers in Perth

:: Lemons are most popular with produce shoppers in Bromley, Kent

:: Britain’s biggest broccoli lovers are residents of Taunton, Somerset.

:: Grapes are the top produce buy in Kirkwall, Scotland

:: Shrewsbury shoppers place carrots at the top of their fruit and veg lists

:: North-west London is home to the UK’s greatest blueberry lovers

:: Plymouth residents favour rhubarb the most

:: Strawberries are most popular in Galashiels, Scotland

:: Tomatoes are tops in Chelmsford

:: Mushrooms are most popular in Exeter