Tasty treats in store at Halifax Food and Drink Festival

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Halifax town centre is buzzing today with the sights, smells and flavours of its annual Halifax Food and Drink Festival.

Vendors from across the UK are serving up a range of food and drink from across the world, from Polish sausages to Pakistani street food.

“This is our second year here and last year was great,” Anthony Lee of the North Wales-based Snowdonia Cheese Company which sells a range of speciality cheeses infused with ingredients including chilli and whiskey.

“The weather’s looking good, so hopefully that will pick people up from last night’s football,” he added.

Huddersfield-based Lohore Street Food is selling traditional Indian and Pakistani food grilled on the street with fresh ingredients.

Vendor Sohail Bashir said: “We do spicy street food fresh on the stall - spicy chicken tikka wraps, spicy meat balls, vegetarian falafal, masala fish - everything homemade, everything fresh, just for the Halifax people.”

For those with a sweet tooth Churous R Us are selling churos - long Spanish doughnuts dipped in sugar and chocolate.

“We’re really looking forward to the weekend - we’re hoping it’s going to be really busy,” said storeholder Tina Edgington.

The Halifax Food Festival runs until tomorrow (Sunday).