The best £30 you’ll spend on tech

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Film content and TV on demand is now bigger than ever.

With BBC iPlayer, 4OD and ITV player offering catch up services that work across multiple platforms, and subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV giving users an affordable alternative to the expensive monthly bills that can be racked up from the likes of SKY and Virgin media, it makes sense to opt into a service that requires minimum commitment but still offers a multitude of content.

The trouble with most streaming options has always been in selecting the device to play the content.

Without Apple TV, a PlayStation or a laptop, it’s always proved difficult in getting video from the provider onto the TV.

A few years back, anyone using an Android phone or tablet without a micro HDMI port would struggle immensely in moving their video content onto the living room telly, in the same way iOS users without Apple TV would be left with having to use the horrendous Apple cable.

Chromecast costs just £30 and is so simple to use, it’s almost hard to believe. All that’s required is a HDMI port on the back of the TV and regular home Wi-Fi. Then the user downloads Chromecast compatible apps such as Vevo from the Play Store and can beam content straight onto the TV.

Not only is it cheap, but it also works with Chrome for Desktop, iOS devices and Android phones and tablets meaning that users across a large spectrum can reap the benefits of VOD and the insanely bargain price.

There are plenty of apps that work alongside the device too.

For starters YouTube will work flawlessly while sharing your favourite cat clips and entertaining five minute wonders on the big screen and only takes an extra second to play on TV than it would from the phone or tablet display.

BBC iPlayer is another great app that works with Chromecast and without the need for a remote; just hit the cast icon and the selected programme is playing on the television with pause and volume control available through the app.

Compared with Apple TV, the Chromecast doesn’t have a menu or slim metallic remote, as tasks run from the handset.

But it’s less gimmicky than the Apple alternative and just does a great job of showing content on the big screen – as the saying goes, less can also mean more.

Google Play also offers the latest blockbusters with regular special offers for big titles too. The Wolf of Wall Street is currently available for just £3.99 for SD and £4.99 for HD. Most of the latest rentals cost about £3.99 making it a cheap alternative to the cinema or the DVD copy.

With the latest updates, the Chromecast app now includes the fuctionality of casing the smartphone display making screen mirroring presentations and images, or playing games on the bigger screen a one –press- process.

There is a slight delay in more intensive games such as Riptide, but considering the price and the functionality on offer this is forgivable.

If you do decide on purchasing Chromecast it will be the best £30 you’ve ever spent on technology. It really is that good.