The sky’s the limit for our business of the year Pexa

Jim Rowbotham
Jim Rowbotham

The managing director of Halifax-based Pexa says plans are in place to expand the company even more after they experienced 20 per cent growth this year.

Pexa, who supply paints and coatings to the aerospace and defence industries, were named Business of the Year at the 2016 Halifax Courier Business Awards.

Managing director Jim Rowbotham, who formed the company in 2002, says the increase in exports was a key factor in their award win.

“We’ve had strong growth this year of 20 per cent compared to last year,” he said.

“We’ve made massive efforts to increase international business, expanding into Madrid, Bangalore and the south of France.

“A third of our business this coming year will be sold abroad.

“We’ve also moved to new premises which are a lot bigger and were opened by Prince Andrew, so that helped to increase our profile.”

Pexa employ around 30 staff, five of which joined the company this year, while the firm is considering further appointments next year.

“The aerospace industry is a key part of our business and our clients include Boeing and Airbus, two huge companies in what is a thriving market,” continued Jim.

“Their order book is for seven years, so whenever they get an order, it won’t be completed for seven years because they’re so busy.

“Every Airbus aircraft that goes out of their factory has got something we have supplied.”

Jim feels the influence of his staff is another integral part of the firm’s success.

“I wanted the business to be close to where I lived,” he explained.

“But we’ve never had a problem finding good people who live locally.

“A lot of our staff walk to work.

“We’ve never tried to pretend we are not a northern firm and I think our customers enjoy our northern charm.

“Our company is the character of our staff, and they are all from the local area.”

As for the future, Jim is clear on where the company can grow further.

“We will be going very strong with what we are doing in India,” he added.

“We’re hoping to increase our international sales but also grow what we produce here.

“We’ve installed a paint factory here and 95 per cent of that produce will be exported, and we will increase the number of paint products we make.

“International growth and making things are the two things that are going to help us to further growth.”