The social media little black book of contacts

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

People always ask me why I give so much information away for free, especially to other social media ‘experts’ when I know they won’t become clients.

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll have nothing left to offer?” usually follows quickly.

Yes, I give great information out for free and usually without any expectation of a return.

I’m not afraid of giving out everything I know as a) Even after nine years, I don’t know everything and b) I am always developing and learning, so new information is always coming available and there is rarely only one way to do something.

So this week I wanted to open up my little black book of great contacts, where I get a lot of my expertise from:


Dan Kennedy:

At almost £70,000 for a one-hour session, Dan is the go-to marketer for major corporations and professional organisations.

However through his Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle Club, now offers excellent info for small businesses for less than £50 a month.

Frank Kern:

Possibly the highest paid internet marketer of the past five years.

Frank has a really great tone of voice and tries his best to steer you away from too much hype.

Social Media Specialists

Jeff Johnson: For more than five years Jeff has been teaching people how to effectively use YouTube.

He publishes great free videos on how to succeed on the platform.

Sandi Krakowski, Kim Garst and Rebekah Radice:

Three really great Facebook accounts.

All very vocal and successful with over one million fans between them.

Following these accounts will show you how to blend personal, purpose and promotional posts without offending your audience.

Martin Shervington:

Martin is one of the leading Google+ experts. Will G+ work in the future for your business? Who knows?

At least with Martin’s advice you’ll have the best chance of using Google+ effectively.

Nigel Cliffe - Value Exchange:

The smartest team I know on LinkedIn is Calderdale based Nigel and his training company Value Exchange.

Nigel and Luan run great workshops and in-depth strategic consultancy.

Writing better content

I always recommend people review CopyBlogger, especially if they are intent on keeping costs low with their social media.

You’ll discover 20 years of writing expertise in bite size blogs and articles that will really change how you feel about writing for your business.